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Primary Health Care Expenditure and Budget Advocacy Consultation Report and Recommendations

From March 13-15, 2017, civil society advocates, technical experts and development partners convened in Johannesburg, South Africa around the common goal of improving government investment in primary health care (PHC) systems. Advocates and policymakers drew upon their experiences in health financing to begin developing a learning and advocacy agenda for PHC financing. This agenda included reviewing the current state of the field for PHC expenditures, identifying opportunities and challenges to influencing domestic resource mobilization and integrating both into advocacy recommendations, and developing appropriate messaging to build support for PHC financing advocacy among vertical health advocates.
Participants shaped asks to government and recommendations to civil society around six key themes

  • Theme 1: Defining PHC–Identifying the Package of PHC Services
  • Theme 2: Resource Mobilization
  • Theme 3: Transparency and Accountability
  • Theme 4: Access and Affordability
  • Theme 5: Citizen Engagement
  • Theme 6: Evidence and Data for PHC

Download the report