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Community Scorecard

Partner organizations within the Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights (ARHR) network employed community scorecard (CSC) techniques to elicit citizens’ experiences of their healthcare services and related conditions in four communities in the Asante Akim Central Municipality and South Dayi District of the Ashanti and Volta Regions.

The assessment focused on citizens’ experiences of Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) processes in particular, considering that the CHPS concept is the asserted cornerstone of Ghana’s PHC system. In each community, the focus groups were asked to share their assessments on five specific indicators:

  • universal accessibility – physical, receptiveness, promptness of service, health insurance services and availability of medicines;
  • full community participation – citizens’ involvement in making decisions about health services as well as in health promotion and in disease prevention;
  • affordability of treatment – including cost of consultations and medicines;
  • water service delivery – availability (e.g. flow rate, waiting time and year-round availability), affordability, accessibility and quality; and
  • toilet services – availability at household level as well a accessibility and quality of public toilets.

download the scorecard